Welcome to Junior Genius Kits, a new product line from BusBoard Prototype Systems designed to teach electronics to both students and adults using real-world parts. Each kit provides all needed parts and come with a full-colour illustrated guide to help you not only build circuits but also build your knowledge and enjoyment of electronics.



Blinky Lights Kits, Expansions & Projects

Blinky Lights Kit
Part#: JRG01-KIT
A great introduction to electronics!
Build and experiment using the 60 page guide
to learn how LEDs and transistors work.
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Blinky Lights Solder Kit
Part#: JRG01-PCB
Learn to solder with the Blinky Lights circuit from the Junior Genius Kit.
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Replacement Parts Bag
Part#: JRG01-PARTS
A complete set of replacement electronic parts
for Junior Genius Kits #1 - Blinky Lights.
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More LEDs
Expansion Kit

Part#: JRG01-EXP1
Additional LEDs and parts
for Junior Genius Kit #1 Blinky Lights
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I.C. Chaser
Expansion Kit

Part#: JRG01-EXP2
A 10 LED flashing circuit and more
for Junior Genius Kit #1 Blinky Lights
Product Details
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